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  1. Systemic sclerosis - Scleroderma (ReelDx)

  2. Polymyositis (ReelDx)

  3. Vitiligo (ReelDx)

  4. Urticaria (ReelDx)

  5. Burns (ReelDx)

  6. Acanthosis nigricans (ReelDx)

  7. Dermatophyte Infections (ReelDx)

  8. Candidiasis (ReelDx)

  9. Impetigo (ReelDx)

  10. Cellulitis (ReelDx)

  11. Varicella-zoster virus infections (ReelDx)

  12. Molluscum contagiosum (ReelDx)

  13. Herpes simplex (ReelDx)

  14. Paronychia (ReelDx)

  15. Alopecia (ReelDx)

  16. Spider bites (ReelDx)

  17. Scabies (ReelDx)

  18. Lice (ReelDx)

  19. Acne vulgaris (ReelDx)

  20. Pityriasis rosea (ReelDx)

  21. Drug eruptions (ReelDx)

  22. Dyshidrosis

  23. Tourette disorder (ReelDx)

  24. Syncope (ReelDx)

  25. Seizure disorders (ReelDx)

  26. Myasthenia gravis (ReelDx)

  27. Multiple sclerosis (ReelDx)

  28. Concussion (ReelDx)

  29. Cerebral palsy (ReelDx)

  30. Altered level of consciousness (ReelDx)

  31. Stroke (ReelDx)

  32. Intracranial hemorrhage (ReelDx)

  33. Meningitis (ReelDx)

  34. Tension headache (ReelDx)

  35. Migraine (ReelDx)

  36. Depressive disorder (ReelDx)

  37. Obesity and Binge Eating Disorder (ReelDx)

  38. Attention-Deficit/hyperactivity Disorder (ReelDx)

  39. Panic disorder (ReelDx)

  40. Lymphoma (ReelDx)

    Hodgkin's Lymphoma (Highly Curable) - Painless lymphadenopathy + Reed-Sternberg cells + Bimodal age distribution (15-35) and (>60). Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (Non Curable) - Look for a HIV Patient with GI symptoms and painless lymphadenopathy
  41. Influenza (ReelDx)

  42. Herpes simplex (ReelDx)

  43. Erythema infectiosum (Slapped Cheek/ReelDx)

  44. Epstein-Barr virus infections (ReelDx)

  45. Cytomegalovirus infections (ReelDx)

  46. Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ReelDx)

  47. Pericardial effusion (ReelDx)

  48. Acute pericarditis (ReelDx)

    Chest pain that is relieved by sitting and/or leaning forward worse when lying down
    • Dressler's syndrome is pericarditis 2-5 days after an acute myocardial infarctions
    • Pericardial friction rub heard best with patient upright and leaning forward
    • EKG will demonstrate diffuse, ST segment elevations in the precordial leads
  49. Acute and subacute bacterial endocarditis (ReelDx)

    Acute bacterial endocarditis: Infection of normal valves with a virulent organism (S. aureus) Subacute bacterial endocarditis: Indolent infection of abnormal valves with less virulent organisms (S. viridans)