Compartment Syndrome: The Daily PANCE Blueprint

Compartment Syndrome: The Daily PANCE Blueprint

A 31-year-old female presents with pain and numbness in her anterior tibial region. On physical exam, the area is pale, cold, and pulseless. Which of the following is the best definitive treatment for this likely diagnosis?

A. Antiplatelets
B. Amputation
C. Physical therapy
D. Fasciotomy
E. IV heparin drip

Answer and topic summary

The answer is D. Fasciotomy

The patient has acute compartment syndrome, which is when the tissue pressure within a closed muscle compartment exceeds the perfusion pressure. It can result in ischemia. The most common location is the calf. Many cases of acute compartment syndrome in the lower extremity are associated with fractures, burn injuries, crush injuries, or soft tissue infections. The “5 P’s” can help you remember the symptoms – pain, pallor, paresthesia, pulselessness, paralysis. Extremity fasciotomy is the treatment for acute compartment syndrome.

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