Smarty PANCE Testimonials, Reviews, and Success Stories

Smarty PANCE Testimonials, Reviews, and Success Stories

Smarty PANCE is an amazing app that I have used throughout my entire time in school! You can’t beat a website that gives you practice questions for each section, practice exams, Quizlets, guides, etc. This website literally has it all! The high yield cram sections are amazing! I love how each section is broken down and easily accessible, and the questions under each topic are great for quick learning.

Samantha Massoth, PA-S

Smarty PANCE is an amazing supplemental resource for my classwork and preparations for rotations. I plan to use the blueprint/exam studying organizer in my months between didactic year and clinical rotations, which have been delayed during COVID. I love that materials are organized under each topic and that there are tons of practice questions along with extra resources like osmosis etc. I have recommended Smarty PANCE to all my classmates!

Cynthia, PA-S

I would recommend Smarty PANCE because it is packed with an organized approach for covering all the content you need, and integrates helpful videos, practice questions, and bite-sized reviews into one comprehensive package. Smarty PANCE provides a focused but thorough review that follows the blueprint which makes it a reliable and efficient tool for studying for boards. Practice questions, EOR study, and ability to track your progress through each section!

Jessica, PA-S

I have tried several online exam preps, so far yours is the best, I wish I had found it sooner.

Kevin Holman, PA-C

With an overwhelming amount of information in PA school, it’s nice to have a concise review version of the material to reference. I love the body system specific & EOR exams, access to review material & questions, the podcasts to use during commute, and the links to Osmosis.

Nicole, PA-S

Smarty PANCE offers information in a way that is short, sweet, and to the point. Makes me ABLE to do it vs. feeling overwhelmed. I like the option to do questions at the bottom of the lessons, videos (I am a virtual learner), highlighting and bolding, along with exams at the end. It is the BEST resource. We are a tech generation, this is much needed over a book.

Laura Dinardo, PA-S

Smarty PANCE is a one-stop-shop with practice questions, lectures, podcasts, pdfs. You name it. Smarty PANCE has it. Ease of access, easy to understand interface, thorough information, affordable, mobile-friendly, and with great information. Smarty PANCE has everything needed to succeed in clinical year!

Taylor Bates, PA-S

Smarty PANCE helps me identify key information about medical conditions and helps me understand the material in better depth. It has great study material as well as learning tools and the practice tests are invaluable. It also helps to reinforce the material you learned in lecture. Smarty PANCE combines clarifying videos about the material, incorporates Osmosis videos with Smarty PANCE material, along with daily questions to email for PANCE prep!

Samantha, PA-S

I’m incredibly thankful for this tool for my clinic year. It has been really helpful in getting me ready for the EOR exams as well as the PANCE. I love the PANCE practice questions, EOR Practice exams, Picmonic and Osmosis integration

Esther Opoku, PA-S

Smarty PANCE is the best resource I have found to study. So beneficial, is having a one-stop-shop for all topics EOR related. The information is sorted by PAEA blueprints – so easy and functional to find the information you are looking for. The bonus is you always have it with you because it is online.

Mia Miavitina, PA-S

Smarty PANCE offers clear, concise studying. Whereas it would’ve taken so much precious time to gather information about all of the topics we needed to know from different resources, it was all in one place and made a world of difference in my didactic studying. I like the exams that go with each section and the explanations for every question. I also loved the flashcards! It is beneficial to have a resource that goes right along with the PANCE blueprint since that is what our school tries to do with each of our modules. It’s easy to navigate and find topics, so study time isn’t exclusively spent on organizing material, it is all laid out for me. Our faculty refers to Smarty PANCE as well! So I always know I am studying the right thing.

Abigail Kucera, PA-S

Smarty PANCE is the best investment I made for my career as a PA student and it is the best way to review for upcoming exams and during rotations. I love ReelDX and how organized all the topics are. Additionally, I appreciate the ease of access, questions are great practice, and the podcasts are great when driving to and from rotations.

Jessica Goes, PA-S

Smarty PANCE has been a lifesaver! I love the way it breaks the information down into easy to digest chunks which definitely helps with retention. I also thoroughly enjoy the questions & flashcards associated with the majority of the lessons. I love how Smarty PANCE incorporates media from other resources such as ReelDx, Osmosis, and Picmonic!

Chanute Lockhart, PA-S

Because of the volume and quality of material available for study in Smarty PANCE, I have been able to take my end of rotation exams with confidence that I will be prepared to pass. So far, Smarty PANCE hasn’t let me down and has provided me with the perfect test-prep resource. My favorite thing about Smarty PANCE is that the sheer volume of material for study, as well as additional resources provided (year-long premium subscription to the podcast, etc.), make the cost of membership one of the smartest investments I could possibly make as I prepare to take my PANCE. Smarty PANCE is the best value by far of any other PANCE and EOR test prep service.

Jacob Frost, PA-S

I love the exams! They helped me to better retain information and perform better on my in-class exams. I also found the short, to the point info on each subject helpful to digest and retain info. I recommend Smarty PANCE to all my classmates. I love the exams, the ReelDx videos, and the integration with Picmonic. And with all this to offer Smarty PANCE is very affordable compared to other subscription services like it!

Liz Arias, PA-S

OMG! This is the best review for PAs trying to pass the PANRE. My wife and I are both PAs and are impressed. Smarty PANCE has focused subject areas that allow me to learn and review the subjects that I need help with. The downloadable review is critical so that I can retain fast facts for board questions. I have been to review courses, but Smarty PANCE is specifically for PAs and focuses on information retention and passing the PANCE/PANRE!

Ian Cranmer, PA-S

It got me through PA school and my EOR’s! Smarty PANCE helped me organize things, and learn the type of questions that would be asked for each subject. I appreciate how the study guides take you through each lesson with the quizzes at the end, this really helped with learning and organizing each subject. I learned more from Smarty Pance than through my class lectures!

Nicole Harnwell, PA-S

Our school chose to purchase Rosh as a class to get a discount. I wasn’t sure if I needed two different study resources but my friends from upper classes said they liked smarty pance the best and it was very affordable which is why i chose to get a membership. I am really happy with it. I use all of the resources: Osmosis, ReelDx, etc. and I like how everything is broken down by EOR and body system. So helpful! I also like that I have the ability to practice questions with immediate feedback. I really like the questions on the podcasts and the Joe Gilboy sessions!

Alycia Edwards, PA-S

Wonderful quality website, awesome podcasts, great quality quizlets! I like it better than most of the other board prep sites I have tried throughout my didactic year. Since I began using Smarty PANCE I have had better test scores and I feel more confident while taking my exams. I love the easy search bars for quick finds!

Stephanie Voytek, PA-S

I like how information is organized and given per the PAEA EOR reading lists, which saves me time and has helped me study for my EOR exams more efficiently. I like the hyperlinks that show pictures while reading, and I am continuously reminded of information once forgotten from the didactic year by taking the practice EOR exams. The repetition of questions used in the EOR exams has helped solidify the information I learned.

Hanna, PA-S

Smarty PANCE brings a lot of information from various sources. During didactic year, I would spend a lot of time finding podcasts and YouTube videos that correlate with the topic I am learning about. Smarty PANCE saves me that time because most topics have a linked youtube video, lecture, or podcast. Very helpful! Another benefit is the EOR exams that come included in the membership. Such a low price for the amount of material and information we get. I also Quizlet a lot throughout the didactic year. Another benefit of Smarty PANCE is that it has flashcards that you can use from Quizlet, and when I log in through my Quizlet account later, I can save them to my folder and star the cards that I want to go back and study. I recommended Smarty PANCE to all my classmates and a few friends that are in other programs. It has so much information that is well organized, and you can’t find anything better, especially for the price!

Allyson Marshall, PA-S

Smarty PANCE is worth the money! The REEL patient stories, practice questions, and flashcards helped immensely. SP does what didactic year doesn’t offer you, and that is a connection to patients. Having a face to a disease state is incredibly helpful because it reminded me of why I was working so hard to learn the information. The lectures were hilariously entertaining. Even my spouse, who is not in medicine, would listen in. Connection to other resources, such as podcasts, YouTube videos, Osmosis, printable tests/flashcards. I loved the practice test responses, how the answers, both right and wrong, gave meaningful explanations. Would I recommend Smarty PANCE? YES YES YES! SP will be helpful for whatever type of learner you are. The advice and connection to resources is priceless!

Daniel Jackson, PA-S

Smarty PANCE has been really great for studying for the EORs. I truly enjoy the blueprints and how it is set up. Great use of external sources, highlighted important key facts, presents the information in multiple ways. I have recommended it to the incoming class especially for the EOR courses as they helped me so much during rotations and preparing for the EORs.

Catherine Bailey, PA-S

I recommend Smarty PANCE to all of the incoming PA students. It is so easy to use and it gives you the right info, what is relevant, and allows you to test your knowledge. It has been super beneficial for my studies. I love the layout, the quizzes, the patient presentations, and the concise info. What would I change about Smarty PANCE? Nothing, it’s perfect!

Dayna Gilbert, PA-S

Smarty PANCE is an essential part of my life long learning. Everything is well organized, and I love the combination of PANCE style questions and real-life situations that goes right along with the book material.

Kristyn Park, PA-S

Smarty PANCE is very user friendly. The quizzes help highlight my weak points before taking a test. Smarty PANCE has practice tests, videos/lectures, and useful pearls. It’s an all in one resource.

Lauren Schriber, PA-S

Smarty PANCE is all I use for my exams, and now my rotations. I have never failed an exam, and I’m convinced it’s Smarty PANCE! It is a well organized, comprehensive, and has invaluable study material! I love all the hyperlinks and the images, as well as the accuracy of the topics and that I have everything in here: The blueprint, all the topics, plus questions. I also love the EORE course material. I would recommend Smarty PANCE 200%!

Sarah Lehn, PA-S

Smarty PANCE has the information needed as well as so many practice exams to make sure you are learning the information! The practice questions really reinforced my learning and the ReelDx clips enhance my understanding of difficult topics. My grades improved on my EOREs and the information is all in one location rather than having to sift through various review books.

Victoria Martin, PA-S

I almost solely used Smarty PANCE during my clinical year, and have passed all of my EOR exams with flying colors. I love the practice EOR exams, easy online access that saves your progress, and the fact that it has succinct, easy to understand content. It is worth every penny!

Madeline Jensen, PA-S

Smarty PANCE  is the best study tool I have ever used and it makes me feel very prepared for my exams. It is an amazing resource that allows me to focus on the most important aspects of each topic along with helping me to develop ways to remember the information. I love how there are lectures, videos, Picmonics, and flashcards attached to almost every topic! Smarty PANCE combines targeted studying, lots of questions to test my knowledge, and teaching for all types of learning styles.

Lauren Renjard, PA-S

What made me purchase Smarty PANCE was the awesome surgical rotation course; this is a very rare find and I love how it helps me reinforce information during my rotation and also from didactics. 2. The sweet discounted price. 3. I love the ease of use. It’s quick, concise, and to the point. I also love how it incorporates resources from other places, i.e. Picmonic, Osmosis, etc. It’s easy to progress through a few modules in between reviewing slides and book material. You don’t feel like it’s another thing you have to do and I actually look forward to progressing through the modules. I’ve definitely recommended it to my friends for their upcoming rounds.

Chanute Lockhart, PA-S

Since using Smarty PANCE my EORE scores have increased and my understanding of topics is much better. I like that every topic is broken up with most topics having questions. I also liked the EORE courses as they were super helpful and I like that Smarty PANCE follows the format of the PANCE blueprint exactly. I would recommend Smarty PANCE as it is extremely helpful for studying for EOREs.

Laura, PA-S

Since purchasing Smarty PANCE I have been killing my EOR’s. I like being able to track my progress through the topics along with the variety of content. Smarty PANCE is easy to access on tablets, phones, or computers. I enjoy the study questions and bulleted review topics, the practice EOR exams, and content blueprint courses.

Niki Sansburn, PA-S

I find the patient case presentations and EOR exams to be very helpful. I particularly like the question banks, flashcards, pearls tables, and the different topics broken down by blueprint.

Leena, PA-S

As a result of using Smarty PANCE, my confidence level for the EORs and the PANCE has increased. I love the sheer amount of questions and different types of tests along with the blueprints with various study modes. I like that I can practice long tests, that I have access to Picmonics and access to the audio lectures. I would highly recommend Smarty PANCE for its relatively low cost and many benefits.

Teresa Christmas, PA-S

Smarty PANCE packs a lot of helpful study resources into one all-inclusive package. I love the end of donations exams, Picmonics, access to the podcast and the PEARLS review tables.

Lauren Hooker, PA-S

Smarty PANCE provides a strong overview of the material studied in PA school. I particularly like the topic-specific exams. I like that I have the ability to study via laptop or phone, Smarty PANCe is affordable and offers great content from experienced PAs. I would highly recommend Smarty PANCE as a necessary supplement to core program materials.

Erwin S. Young, PA-S

Smarty PANCE has become my main source for exam preparation because it’s online and I’m a computer person, and less of a book person. It’s so well organized and in line with NCCPA PANCE content. It’s organized by organ systems and it perfectly correlates to the PANCE and EOR exams, so you can trust that what you study on smartypance, is what you’re set to be tested on. You get the benefit of not having to lug a book around. When I was in clinical rotation and needed to look up info, I could hop on any computer available and pull up smartypance and get the info I needed quickly! The test questions they offer help to reinforce what you’ve learned and they also have online flashcards to further drill the info into your mind. It was a key resource for passing my PANCE! I HIGHLY recommend smartypance to all PA students! Now that I’m a PA-C, I still plan to keep smartypance as a quickly accessible information resource!

Magnus Ojukwa, PA-C

Smarty PANCE offers comprehensive review courses, videos and other creative formats to help the information stick, and great study/exam tips. Other platforms out there are really expensive for students and Smarty PANCE offers reasonable prices and offers so many helpful platforms that it is worth the price for any PA student.

Robbi Robinson, PA-S

Smarty PANCE has helped me so much on my EOR’s and my scores have gone up by 20%. I particularly love that it follows the blueprint exactly, there are tons of practice exams, EOR specific content, as well as topic-specific exams.

Andrea, PA-S

I have performed significantly better on quizzes this semester. SmartyPANCE has made studying difficult subjects so much more enjoyable. It has also provided me with effective ways to remember various topics while enforcing the main points of each disease state. My program uses PANCE based questions for our tests/quizzes and I feel so much more prepared for them while supplementing my studying with Smarty PANCE.

Katie Peksenak, PA-S

Smarty PANCE has everything you need as a PA: lectures, practice questions, flashcards, EOR exam courses, and everything is in one spot. I don’t have to reference eight other sources or study materials.

Ashley Peck, PA-S

Smarty PANCE has great questions banks, concise information and the material follows the blueprint. I love that the website is easy to use and the questions are relevant. The audio and video lectures by Joe Gilboy are excellent.

Marie Espinal, PA-S

Smarty PANCE is a wonderful tool to prepare for didactic exam in addition to preparing for the PANCE. The system based exams are extremely helpful in gauging my progress while studying and helping me determine where I need work.

Courtney Vargas, PA-S

My clinical medicine class exam scores have increased dramatically since starting to use Smarty PANCE. I love that Smarty PANCE combines practice tests, flashcards for review and patient presentations while pointing out the main keywords that students must pay attention to.

Carmen, PA-S

I like that the review is broken down for PANCE and PANRE. I did not need to study topics that would not be part of the PANRE exam. I also like how each topic is broken down into presentation, diagnostic studies, treatment, etc. I like being able to follow the NCCPA blueprint along with the review. It just makes sense.

Krista Rivera, PA-C

Smarty PANCE is an exceptional tool for preparing for the PANCE. I love the practice questions, ReelDx videos, and ability to read through short summaries of each disease process.

Karen Richtar, PA-C

I really like the blueprints, highlighting the most important part of each disease process. The questions on Smarty PANCE do a good job of bringing everything together and I like to use it before my unit exams.

Rachel, PA-S

Smarty PANCE is a super helpful resource and I feel this is a great tool to prepare you for the PANCE. The videos and real-life examples all in one resource help eliminate time spent organizing thoughts/notes and more time on refreshing/learning content. I love the vignettes and disease summaries and the assurance I have knowing that the resource line up with the PA school curriculum for my current program.

Stan Cavage, PA-S

Smarty PANCE matched the PANCE blueprint perfectly and the PEARLS sections are full of great mnemonics and memory aids! I love having confidence in the material provided.

Ben Mishler, PA-C

The EOR walkthroughs help me organize and prime my studying, the flashcards help enforce, and the tests locked it all in. Very similar question profile to actual EOR’s, which made me both more confident and more prepared. I love the organization, and continuous updates (2020 blueprints, etc.) Smarty PANCE is one of my two primary study tools. I can follow the content walkthroughs, quiz, cross-reference with my notes, watch videos, AND get practice exams! Sign me up. All-day. Every day. Wouldn’t have survived didactic OR clinical without it.

Jason Lee, PA-S

After starting to use Smarty PANCE my grades improved and I developed a long term understanding of the material. Smarty PANCE gives me the ability to review topics at ease, decreases my stress when reviewing for exams, and saves me time while studying. It offers multiple approaches to learning (video, audio, etc.) and the info keeps up to date. It also offers lots of practice questions pertinent to the board exams and the ability to review materials anytime and anywhere.

Danae Kissner, PA-S

I love that Smarty PANCE has audio files that I can listen to on the go when cutting grass, commuting, etc. It is by far the best overall practice site and learning tool on the market for the money spent!

Barry McCormick, PA-C

As a result of buying Smarty PANCE, the stress I felt about organizing my study material and finding appropriate testing resources quickly dissolved. The layout is designed in a way that not only eases that stress but ensures that you cover the appropriate material. My favorite features were the End of Rotation exams. Studying for the PANCE is extremely important, but you have to achieve the milestones such as passing EOR exams on the way to taking the PANCE. SmartyPANCE made sure that no area of my success was forgotten. In three words the benefits of SmartyPANCE are that it is user-friendly, cost-effective, and evolving. Don’t waste time studying material that doesn’t change with the exam and make sure that you study the appropriate material – things that Smarty PANCE makes doing easy. I would recommend SmartyPANCE to anyone seeking a time-saving and cost-effective study resource for their PANCE – which in my opinion, should be everyone.

Victoria Treasure, PA-S

Smarty PANCE has helped me understand the material better in a case-based way! It really allowed me to expand on the facts and knowledge I knew and put it into action through these exams! I recommend Smarty PANCE to my friends and it is a great tool to get extra exam questions that are just like the PANCE

Nicole, PA-S

Using Smarty PANCE has helped focus my studying for EORs and the PANCE immensely. Especially the general surgery EOR course. I love the quiz questions with each topic lesson to ensure an understanding of key points. I can practice EORs, It integrates multiple different platforms to target all types of learners and you can augment your learning with the podcasts. Smarty PANCE is my go-to study guide so I don’t have to waste hours and hours making my own only to run out of time before I can study them. I would absolutely recommend Smarty PANCE. It is very focused and helps you identify and remember what’s most important as a PA student.

Nikki Pullin, PA-S

Smarty PANCE has lots of test questions and information in a great format regarding S/Sx and treatments of Diseases. I especially love the test questions, print outs of meds for diseases and case presentations.

Melanie Hedgemon, PA-C

I can think through answers better and they are set up like PANRE/PANCE questions so this is a great studying tool. I also like the explanations given. Smarty PANCE offers multiple different ways to study if you don’t want to just take tests, it works well on my phone and has multiple different kinds of test options including specialty-specific exams.

Jennica Finchum, PA-C

Smarty PANCE has allowed me to better understand medical topics by offering real-life patient scenarios, multiple-choice exams, EOR topic lists, and lectures!

Bridgette Smallwood, PA-S

Smarty PANCE is a great tool for students studying for exams during the didactic year, clinical year, and the boards. I love the EOR practice exams and interactive blueprints.

Kathleen Wilcox, PA-S

Smarty PANCE prepares you for the PANCE like no other system I have ever utilized. It’s a very comprehensive system with a thorough topic review for all of the Blueprints.

Sijo Devasia

I am a huge fan of smartypance! I feel like it taught me more than my PA program ever did. Would not have killed every single end of rotation exam without it.

Preya Patel, PA-S

The highest score I’ve ever gotten!! Absolutely excited and love your website! After the 3rd time in 12 years taking (PANCE, PANRE at year 6 and now at 12)  I was extremely nervous! I will recommend this for everyone taking (including the revolving door of students I precept).

Hannah Carter, PA-C

Good morning folks, and I do mean it’s a good morning!! I PASSED my third attempt at the PANRE. It is also the LAST time I will ever have to take the bloody thing, EVER!! Thank y’all for the support and all the positive vibes. That and the ceremonial sacrificing of the chicken, behind the parking garage, on the way in. BTW, it was yummy after putting it on the grill later that evening. What! Do you think I’m kidding? I’ve been on unpaid leave for a month. I ain’t wasting a chicken. Anyway, I hope you all get a warm, fuzzy feeling later today, when I toast (with a fine, aged, Caribbean rum) you all, the good Lord above, all the angels and saints and, of course, the chicken. Take care, everyone, and thanks again from the grumpy old dinosaur.

Robin Matthews, PA-C

As a former educator, I highly recommend SMARTY PANCE! This resource successfully caters to multiple learning styles (visual, aural, linguistic, logical…) in an easy-to-navigate website. I love the way pictures, sounds, graphics, and videos are intertwined with key details about each topic on the PANCE blueprint. The organization is just what I needed to stay on track. I can happily say that I passed the PANCE the first time around, and I have this resource to thank! Best of luck to those still studying!

Kim Savage, PA-C

I am a current PA clinical student in the great state of MISSISSIPPI!! I used Smarty PANCE almost exclusively for supplemental studying and practice tests. I currently have a 4.0 GPA in my program and scored in the 99th percentile on my end of didactic year PACKRAT!! I owe a huge thank you for everything you do! I will be a lifelong (or at least career-long) member!! Thanks again!

Jessica Matthews, PA-S

I just wanted to thank you for an excellent online course. I took my PANRE 3 weeks ago, and I passed with flying colors. I did better this time compared to 6 years ago. Being in orthopedics, I didn’t realize how much I had forgotten in all the other areas. However, with persistence and your course, it truly paid off. Thanks again.

Roger Skebelsky, PA-C

I passed my boards in March. Your program got me through. Thank you so much!!

Stephen Soto de Mayor, PA-C

Your board review saved me! Due to medical issues, I have not been a practicing PA for several years and ended up letting my certification expire. To be honest, I thought I would never work in the field again (mentally, I was in a very dark place). Eventually, with a lot of hard work, I was able to climb out of the darkness and decided to regain my certification…yikes! I studied and studied, (used Rosh review) took my boards, and failed! I wasn’t surprised, but I was not about to give up! I had forgotten how to study effectively. I decided to use Smarty PANCE, and I found you!! Your lectures were amazing and informative. I stopped trying to memorize, and then everything started to click. I was able to understand cardio in a way I never could before (my least favorite system). Now I appreciate it, and it was my best scoring topic! After three months of Smarty Pance and listening to you and taking notes on your notes, I retook my test and PASSED!! I am a PA-C again! Thank you for being a fantastic teacher. It is a gift!! I wish you and your family all the happiness in the world.

Jennifer Todd, PA-C

I just wanted to let you know that your site was a tremendous help in preparing for the PANCE. I have recommended it to all of my colleagues who need to certify/recertify. Thanks for putting this excellent resource together.

Bernard Glaser, PA-C


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