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Use the filtering tools below to search and sort by End of Rotation (EOR™) Content Blueprint and topic list (1,072 topics) then follow the corresponding links to review the attached Smarty PANCE blueprint lesson. Use the search tool to sort the table dynamically or mark the PEARLS checkbox and generate a list of high-yield EOR PEARLS tables. You can export your results as an Excel spreadsheet, PDF, or for print.  You can find a list of comprehensive EOR practice exams using the menu items above.

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wdt_ID Diseases and Disorders URL Rotation PEARLS
1 General Surgery: Gastrointestinal and Nutritional (PEARLS) General Surgery Rotation PEARLS
2 General Surgery: Abdominal pain General Surgery Rotation
3 General Surgery: Acute and chronic cholecystitis General Surgery Rotation
4 General Surgery: Heartburn and dyspepsia General Surgery Rotation
5 General Surgery: Acute and chronic pancreatitis General Surgery Rotation
6 General Surgery: Nausea and vomiting General Surgery Rotation
7 General Surgery: Anorexia General Surgery Rotation
8 General Surgery: Hematemesis General Surgery Rotation
9 General Surgery: Appendicitis General Surgery Rotation
10 General Surgery: Diarrhea, constipation, obstipation and change in bowel habits General Surgery Rotation
Diseases and Disorders Rotation PEARLS

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