Elder Abuse: The Daily PANCE Blueprint

Elder Abuse: The Daily PANCE Blueprint

Which of the following is the most common type of elder abuse?

A. Neglect
B. Emotional abuse
C. Physical abuse
D. Sexual abuse
E. Financial exploitation

Answer and topic summary

The answer is A. Neglect

The most common type of elder abuse is neglect, which refers to the failure of a trusted person to protect an older person from harm or provide for their needs. Self-neglect is also common, which is when an older person can’t care for their own care. Some warning signs include bruising, lacerations, skin tears, spiral fractures, malnutrition, pressure ulcers, and dehydration. If you even suspect an older adult is being neglected, you should report this immediately to adult protective services (or similar agencies) and treat the medical complications immediately.

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