Lupus: The Daily PANCE Blueprint

Lupus: The Daily PANCE Blueprint

A 19-year-old female presents to the clinic with fatigue, weight loss, arthralgia, and an erythematous rash in a malar distribution over the cheeks and nose (that spares the nasolabial folds). Which of the following is the most common cardiac manifestation of the patient’s likely diagnosis?

A. Third-degree AV block
B. Mitral regurgitation
C. Myocarditis
D. Pericarditis
E. Bradydysrhythmias

Answer and topic summary

The answer is D. Pericarditis

Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is a chronic autoimmune disease that can impact almost any organ. It’s important to be aware of how SLE clinically presents in order to get to a diagnosis and treatment.

The most common clinical features overall are fatigue (80-100%), arthralgia/arthritis (>90%), fever (>50%), and Raynaud phenomenon (~50%). You may also see the classic malar rash that spares nasolabial folds.

Cardiac complications are common (50%) in SLE, and they lead to morbidity and mortality. The most common cardiac manifestation is pericarditis. Other cardiac issues these patients may have include pericardial effusion, myocarditis (rare), and valvular dysfunction.

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