Rubella: The Daily PANCE Blueprint

Rubella: The Daily PANCE Blueprint

Which of the following is not a manifestation of congenital rubella syndrome?

A. Deafness
B. Cataracts
C. Heart defects
D. Microcephaly
E. Fetal growth acceleration

Answer and topic summary

The answer is E. Fetal growth acceleration

Clinical features of a congenital rubella infection (CRI) include deafness, cataracts, and cardiac disease. Patients may also have CNS abnormalities, such as microcephaly. Typically, a congenital rubella infection will lead to fetal growth restriction, not fetal growth acceleration. A classic finding that you may see on exams is petechiae and purpura — some call these “blueberry muffin lesions.” In general, CRI should be considered in patients who have a suspected rubella infection during their pregnancy. Laboratory studies on the child (before the age of one) are done to help confirm the diagnosis There is no treatment and supportive care/surveillance is the main way to manage a congenital rubella infection.

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