The Daily PANCE and PANRE Extended Edition: Question 5

Secondary to a traumatic event, a child complains of pain in the index finger. An x-ray of the digit demonstrates a fracture line through the metaphysis of the proximal aspect of the middle phalanx, ending at the epiphyseal plate. What type of fracture does this child have?

A. Salter-Harris Type I
B. Salter-Harris Type II
C. Salter-Harris Type III
D. Salter-Harris Type IV
E. Salter-Harris Type V

Answer: B.

Salter-Harris Type II

The following spells SALTR and may help you remember:

  • Salter I = slight increase in Space between epiphyseal plate and metaphysis
  • Salter II = fx Above the plate (in the metaphysis)
  • Salter III = fx Lower (in the epiphyseal plate)
  • Salter IV = fit Through (both the metaphysic and epiphysis)
  • Salter V = Really bad (comminuted fx compressing the epiphysis)

Know Your Content Blueprint

Fracture types are covered as part of the PANCE Musculoskeletal Blueprint

Review Topic: Types of Fractures and Salter-Harris Classification

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