The Daily PANCE and PANRE Question 38

You note raised, red, scaly lesions involving flexor surfaces of a patient's wrists. The patient has no other lesions. The lesions appear to follow a linear pattern of distribution. What is this phenomenon? 

  1. Auspitz sign
  2. Koebner's phenomenon
  3. Darier's sign
  4. Gorlin's sign
  5. Gottron's papules

Answer: B

Koebner's phenomenon

Koebner's phenomenon is described - it suggests psoriasis. Auspitz sign is also present in psoriasis where the scales bleed when removed. Darier's sign is in allergic patients who develop urticaria when the skin is rubbed. Gottron's papules are purple papules on the fingers seen in dermatomyositis. Gorlin's sign is seen in Ehlers-Danlos when a patient can touch the tip of the nose with his tongue (I learn something new every day!!) These last two are not important to know.

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