The Daily PANCE and PANRE Question 55

A patient that you are examining for carpal tunnel syndrome reveals that her paresthesias occur in all five digits. Which digit does NOT experience paresthesias with median nerve neuropathy?

  1. first (thumb)
  2. second (index)
  3. third (long)
  4. fourth (ring)
  5. fifth (pinky)

Answer: E

Fifth (pinky)

The fifth finger is ALWAYS innervated by the ulnar nerve, and would not be affected in a true carpal tunnel syndrome.

Know Your Content Blueprint

Carpal tunnel syndrome is part of the NCCPA Content Blueprint Musculoskeletal System (10%)


A 23-year-old with right thumb pain (watch video)

Watch appropriate diagnostic exams, watch the ReelDx patient video and review lesson flashcards at SMARTY PANCE Soft tissue injuries of the forearm, wrist, and hand

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