Blood Pressure Medications for Specific Conditions

Blood Pressure Medications for Specific Conditions

Hypertensive therapies recommended for treating coexisting conditions:

Angina β-blockers, CCB
Post Myocardial Infarction β-blockers, ACE Inhibitors
Systolic Heart Failure ACEI/ARB, β-blockers, diuretics
Diabetes mellitus/Chronic kidney disease ACEI/ARB
Isolated systolic HTN in elderly Diuretics, CCB
osteoporosis Thiazides
BPH α1 blockers
African Americans Thiazides, CCB
Young white males Thiazides →  ACEI/ARB → β-blockers
Gout CCB, Losartan is the only ARB that doesn't cause hyperuricemia
Atrial Fibrillation (rate control) β-blockers

*Adapted from the wonderful review book PANCE PREP PEARLS

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