High Yield EKG Review for the PANCE and PANRE (PA Twin Talks Replay)

High Yield EKG Review for the PANCE and PANRE (PA Twin Talks Replay)

Join Kristin and Sarah as they go over the high-yield EKG topics you will see on the PANCE, PANRE, and in real life!

In this webinar, they show you how to approach EKGs and read them with more confidence and certainty.

Sarah and Kristin (of the PA Twin Talks) are both certified PAs, sisters (and twins 😀) who attended PA school together and now work in specialty practice at the same hospital. Kristin is a critical care cardiology PA and shares her deep knowledge and understanding of this topic.

Accompanying this webinar are several EKGs for practice on the PA Twin Talks Study Group Page.

Cardiology represents 13% of your PANCE/PANRE exam and EKG interpretation is an important topic for your boards and beyond. We cover EKG rhythm strip interpretation and provide a quiz on this topic as part of the Smarty PANCE Cardiology Blueprint course.

Join Sarah and Kristin every other week as they cover PANCE/PANRE and EOR™ blueprint topics in the PA Twin Talks Study group as part of our Smarty PANCE Member's community.

Inside the community, you can vote on upcoming topics and ask/post questions in the study group and comments section.

Have a wonderful day!

Stephen Pasquini PA-C