The Daily PANCE and PANRE Question 58

A patient presents with a recurrent history of swelling on the right side of the jaw that begins while eating and subsides within two hours postprandially. You suspect:

  1. hypochondriasis
  2. sialolithiasis
  3. parotitis
  4. an abscessed tooth
  5. conjunctivitis mandibularis

Answer: B


Sialo(salivary gland) lithiasis (stone) is described in this question. Parotitis would be inflammation and infection of the parotid gland (usually due to a stone that is stuck in the duct). A parotitis patient would be acutely ill with redness of the gland and fever.

Know Your Content Blueprint

Sialolithiasis and Sialadenitis are part of the NCCPA Content Blueprint EENT (9%).


A 3-year-old with swelling in front of and behind the left ear (watch video)

Brush up on your PANCE/PANRE mouth and throat disorders (pearls) and review the treatment of sialadenitis.

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