The Important Side Effects of Anti-Tubercular Drugs

The Important Side Effects of Anti-Tubercular Drugs

Important Side Effects Of Tuberculosis Medications

The Important Side Effects of Anti-Tubercular Drugs

Isoniazid (INH)

  • Hepatotoxicity
  • B6 deficiencies
  • Peripheral neuritis 
  • Cutaneous hypersensitivity
  • Rarely can cause optic neuritis 
  • Isoniazid is also associated with drug-induced lupus erythematosus

Rifampin (RMP)

  • Hepatotoxicity
  • Nephrotoxicity
  • Red discoloration of the body fluids (which may be alarming but is completely benign)
  • Flu-syndrome
  • Thrombocytopenic purpura
  • Rifampin is a well known P450 inducer and can increase the rate of metabolism of other drugs that are cleared by the liver through the p450 system

Pyrazinamide (PZA)

  • Hepatotoxicity
  • Hyperuricemia

Ethambutol (ETH)

  • This drug can be especially toxic to the eyes, with adverse effects of optic neuritis and red-green color blindness reported

Streptomycin (STM)

  • Nephrotoxicity, and ototoxicity

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