8 Week Smarty PANCE NCCPA Blueprint Study Schedule (and Planner)

8 Week Smarty PANCE NCCPA Blueprint Study Schedule (and Planner)

8 Week Smarty PANCE - NCCPA PANCE Blueprint Study Schedule

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret to getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks and then starting on the first one." - Mark Twain

At Smarty PANCE, the NCCPA PANCE Content Blueprint is the foundation of our website and everything we do.

If you are a PA student studying to pass your PANCE, we encourage you to do the same.

The NCCPA™ PANCE Content Blueprint has been created for you by the PA certifying body as your study guide for PANCE preparation. Schools use it (along with the PAEA rotation topic lists) to create their curriculum and design assessments.

This blueprint is essential; you should use it to allocate and prioritize your study time accordingly.

The blueprint is made up of 14 organ systems (ranked by percent of exam content) along with 161 "subsections" (within each organ system) and ~482 diseases/disorders (under each subsection).

We have built this 8-week PANCE study schedule so you will cover all 482 PANCE topics over eight weeks with dedicated time allocated to daily questions, flashcards, and much-needed rest days.

Unlike other study schedules, quiz banks, flashcards, blueprint lessons, and video lectures are linked directly from the scheduler to lessons on our website. These are included for FREE as part of every Smarty PANCE membership.

This schedule has been designed to harness the power of spaced repetition and interweaving of topics to optimize your PANCE preparation.

The 8-Week Smarty PANCE NCCPA Blueprint Study Schedule

  • Week 1: Dermatology 5%, Infectious Disease 6%, Hematology 5%
  • Week 2: Pulmonary 10%, EENT 7%
  • Week 3: Genitourinary 5%, Reproductive 7%
  • Week 4: Cardiovascular 13%
  • Week 5: GI/Nutrition 9%, Renal 5%
  • Week 6: Endocrine 7%, Musculoskeletal 8%
  • Week 7: Neurology 7%, Psych/Behavioral Science 6%
  • Week 8: Review, Reinforce, and Question Bank
  • Week 9: Take the PANCE Exam
Download Your 8-Week PANCE Study Plan

This NCCPA PANCE Blueprint study schedule has been built using Trello, a FREE project management tool that utilizes an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. It has outbound links to Smarty PANCE lessons corresponding to each blueprint topic and calendar power-ups so you can set deadlines and modify the study schedule as you see fit.

The best part is that this is truly interactive, meaning all items link to Smarty PANCE lessons corresponding to each blueprint topic, including lectures, flashcards, and lessons for all 482+ content blueprint diseases and disorders!

Do you prefer to tackle endocrinology week one instead of week six? No problem, drag this week's study list to its new home and set a due date. You can trade days and exams and mark them off with the confidence that comes with knowing you are studying and completing all the requisite blueprint topics - nothing less, nothing more.

Unlike most static planners, this Trello template will allow you to organize your PANCE prep how it was meant to be organized. Your learning will be reinforced as you can visualize your progress and review topics again that may be more challenging.

And of course, you can tie a bow on the package by taking up to five 225-question practice exams along with the virtual PANCE and PANRE and all the topic-specific exams your heart desires before, after, and during your progress through the eight-week study schedule.

This free Smarty PANCE eight-week schedule is available on Trello. You can copy this prebuilt 8-week schedule template and add it to your Trello account. Registration is free forever.

We hope you enjoy this free eight-week PANCE study schedule and find it essential to your PANCE preparation.

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Stephen Pasquini PA-C
CEO/Founder of Smarty PANCE
Passer of the PANCE and PANRE x 2, and currently taking my PANRE-LA 😀