Use Trello to Create Your Perfect PANCE Study Plan

Use Trello to Create Your Perfect PANCE Study Plan

Use Trello to Create Your Perfect PANCE Study Plan

Create and Customize Your PANCE Study Plan to Beat Overwhelm Using Trello

In case you didn't notice, there are A LOT of task and time management apps on the market. And while they are all the rage, it doesn't mean these apps are useful for productivity or for organizing large, complex tasks like studying for your PANCE or preparing for your End of Rotation Exams.

While a simple PANCE study calendar can be helpful and is a great place to start, it is static and makes tracking progress or rearranging your study plan difficult.

Enter Trello for PANCE Prep

Trello is a free online task management tool for creating and managing tasks and projects across its iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and web applications.

The tool allows you to visualize and arrange your projects into boards, cards, and lists using a simple to use drag and drop interface. It's also easy to create a task, set a due date for it, share it with friends or classmates, and mark it as done as soon as it's completed.

Trello can even send you a notification or email when you need a reminder to check your reminders.

While creating a large study board with 467 PANCE disorders and diseases isn't always a breeze using prebuilt boards and a PANCE template that you can then customize and organize is. So I have done this for you.

FREE PANCE Trello Template

Free Smarty PANCE NCCPA Blueprint Trello Template

Download this Template

This FREE Smarty PANCE Content Blueprint Trello Study Plan follows the NCCPA™ PANCE Content Blueprint with 14 medical content categories as Trello Cards and over 467 topics and disease with links to corresponding Smarty PANCE lessons and high yield PEARLS tables.

Each list and card can be customized using Trello's drag and drop interface.

The PANCE Trello study board has lots of great features like...

:heavy_check_mark: Direct links to the Smarty PANCE course materials

:heavy_check_mark: Checklists for all the Smarty PANCE course lessons

:heavy_check_mark: Emojis to show you which lessons have video, audio, flashcards, etc. :clapper::studio_microphone::white_check_mark::heavy_check_mark:

How to Get Started With The PANCE Trello Study Board

Download this Template

P.S. Do you want a calendar option?

Trello allows you one free "Power-Up." One possible Power-Up is a calendar view. You can activate your free calendar with these steps:

1. Menu ⇒ Power-Ups
2. Search for "Calendar" ⇒ Select ⇒ Add

Even though this power-up is inside Trello, it integrates with outside calendars such as Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple Calendar, and many more.

You can add the task cards to your calendar by giving them a due date and then set reminders. It's awesome.

Other handy Trello Power-ups for PANCE prep include: 

Customizing Your PANCE Trello Template

As my daughter likes to say: "You do you."

Really, Trello can be whatever you want it to be. Think of it as a digital whiteboard or collection of sticky notes – only a lot more useful.

And when it comes to organizing your PANCE prep, Trello can be the perfect tool.

You can download my prebuilt PANCE Trello template here. Then as the saying goes, "you do you!"

Bonus PANCE Trello Template: 

8 Week Smarty PANCE NCCPA Blueprint Study Schedule (and Planner)

FREE Downloadable Trello EOR Templates

FREE Downloadable Trello EOR Templates

In addition to the PANCE template above, I have also created (and am creating) FREE downloadable Trello templates to help you study for your end of rotation exams (EOR's).

You can download these here:

Stay tuned as there will be more Free Trello Templates coming soon.

Happy Studying!

- Stephen Pasquini PA-C