Viral Hepatitis for the PANCE & PANRE with Joe Gilboy PA-C

Viral Hepatitis for the PANCE & PANRE with Joe Gilboy PA-C

On Sunday, June 6th, we hosted the first-ever Sunday Funday Zoom event in our new Smarty PANCE Members' community!

The goal of our membership community is to provide a virtual forum where PAs can teach, learn, and connect with each other. We had an amazing turnout, with over 100 participants tuning in from all corners of the country. And since so many people asked for a replay, we've put together a video of the event for you to watch at your convenience.

In this video, you'll hear from Joe Gilboy PA-C covering everything you need to know about viral hepatitis for your PANCE, PANRE, and EOR exams.

So whether you were able to join us live or not, be sure to check out the video replay above or in our Sunday Funday Study Group in our free Smarty PANCE Member's community.

Join the Sunday Funday Study Group with Joe Gilboy PA-C

Joe covers hard-to-learn topics twice a month on Sundays, so if you haven't already, make sure to join the study group so you can receive group notifications, vote on upcoming topics, ask or answer questions, and get updates for all future virtual events.

Sunday Funday Study Group With Joe Gilboy PA-C

To do this, join our free Smarty PANCE Member's community then click the "study groups" link in our community sidebar and hit subscribe or follow this link.

Viral hepatitis is covered as part of the PANCE/PANRE GI and Nutrition Course under the topic of Hepatic Disorders and Acute and chronic hepatitis

I hope you enjoy this special "Sunday Funday" event with Joe Gilboy PA-C, and please share your votes in the community comments section regarding what topics you wish to see covered next!

Have a wonderful day!

Stephen Pasquini PA-C

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