Level 3 Diseases: PANRE and Pilot Alternative

Level 3 Diseases: PANRE and Pilot Alternative

Level 3 Diseases: PANRE and Pilot Alternative

Level 3 Diseases and Disorders: PANRE and Pilot Alternative

The PANRE and Pilot alternative to the PANRE covers the following 32 level-three assessment topics.

Topics assessed at level three require the following:

  • Make an appropriate diagnosis by recognizing signs, symptoms, and risks
  • Interpret the results of diagnostic studies and have knowledge of first-line treatment
  • Have the knowledge required to manage well- known comorbid conditions, contraindications, and complications

Example assessment of level 3 disorder atrial fibrillation:

  • An elderly patient often with excessive alcohol use, presenting with syncope, dyspnea, palpitations, and an irregular pulse. EKG demonstrates low-amplitude fibrillatory waves without discrete P waves and an irregularly irregular pattern of QRS complexes. Treatment includes rate control with calcium channel blocker (diltiazem, verapamil) or beta blocker (metoprolol). Treat with cardioversion and amiodarone with transesophageal echo if duration < 48 hours, if > 48 hours anticoagulate for 21 days before cardioversion. Use a CHADS2 score to assess the risk of stroke and determine the need for anticoagulant therapy.

Additional PANRE Levels:

PANRE Level 3 Assessment topics

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