Level 3 Diseases: Physician Assistant National Recertification Exam (PANRE)

Level 3 Diseases: Physician Assistant National Recertification Exam (PANRE)

Level 3 Diseases: PANRE and Pilot Alternative

PANRE Level 3 Diseases and Disorders

The Physician Assistant National Recertification Exam (PANRE) Blueprint covers the following thirty-two level-three assessment topics.

Topics assessed at level three require the following:

  • Make an appropriate diagnosis by recognizing signs, symptoms, and risks
  • Interpret the results of diagnostic studies and have knowledge of first-line treatment
  • Have the knowledge required to manage well-known comorbid conditions, contraindications, and complications

Example assessment of level 3 disorder atrial fibrillation:

  • An elderly patient often with excessive alcohol use, presenting with syncope, dyspnea, palpitations, and an irregular pulse. EKG demonstrates low amplitude fibrillatory waves without discrete P waves and an irregularly irregular pattern of QRS complexes. Treatment includes rate control with calcium channel blocker (diltiazem, verapamil) or beta-blocker (metoprolol). Treat with cardioversion and amiodarone with transesophageal echo if duration < 48 hours, if > 48 hours anticoagulate for 21 days before cardioversion. Use a CHADS2 score to assess the risk of stroke and determine the need for anticoagulant therapy.

Additional PANRE Assessment Levels:

PANRE Level 3 Assessment topics

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