PANCE Blueprint Pulmonary (10%)

Pneumonias (PEARLS)

The NCCPA™ PANCE and PANRE Pulmonary Content Blueprint requires you to understand and differentiate between 4 types of infectious pneumonia

Bacterial pneumonia (ReelDx) S. Pneumoniae - Rust-colored sputum - common in patients with splenectomy

S. Aureus - Salmon colored sputum - MRSA treat with vancomycin

Pseudomonas - Ventilators, patients become sick fast - treat with 2 antibiotics

Legionella - low NA+ (hyponatremia), GI symptoms (diarrhea) and high fever

Mycoplasma - Young people living in dorms, (+) cold agglutinins, bullous myringitis

Klebsiella - currant jelly sputum, drinkers, aspiration

Viral pneumonia Adults → Flu is the most common viral cause

Kids → RSV, 1st episode of wheezing

Fungal pneumonia Valley Fever  = Coccidioides – Look for this in a patient with non-remitting cough/bronchitis non-responsive to conventional treatments. Caused by fungal inhalation in western states.

Histoplasma capsulatum - bird or bat droppings (caves, zoo, bird),

Cryptococcus – found in soil can disseminate and can cause meningitis.

Pulmonary aspergillosis: The majority of cases occur in people with underlying illnesses such as tuberculosis or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), but with otherwise healthy

HIV-related pneumonia Formerly PCP Pneumonia now called (PJP) Pneumocystis jiroveci (there are other HIV-related pneumonias but this is the one you will need to know for the test) Common in HIV-infected patients with a low CD4 count of less than 200, treat (and prophylax) with Bactrim
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