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Corneal disorders (PEARLS)

Cataract Blurred vision over months or years, halos around lights. Clouding of the Lens (versus clouding of cornea = glaucoma)

Tx: Surgical removal is definitive

Corneal ulcer
Contact lens wearers, caused by deep infection in the cornea by bacteria, viruses or fungi.

Tx: Immediate referral - if immediate referral is not possible, it is reasonable to start topical ophthalmic antibiotics without delay

Keratitis Dendritic ulcer with fluorescein stain = Herpes Simplex Keratitis
Pterygium (ReelDx) Elevated, superficial, fleshy, triangular-shaped “growing” fibrovascular mass (most common in the inner corner/nasal side of the eye)

  • Pterygium is associated with increased sun exposure and climates where there is wind, sand, and dust

Tx: Only surgically remove when vision is affected

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