PANCE Blueprint EENT (7%)

2022-2023 PANCE Eyes, Ears, Nose, and Throat Content Blueprint

Eyes, Ears, Nose, and Throat (7%)

2022-2023 Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam (PANCE) Eyes Ears Nose and Throat Content Blueprint - Smarty PANCE

Interactive 2022-2023 NCCPA™ PANCE Eyes, Ears, Nose, and Throat Content Blueprint
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Eye disorders

Conjunctival disorders

o Conjunctivitis

Corneal disorders

o Cataract
o Corneal ulcer
o Infectious
o Keratitis
o Pterygium

Lacrimal disorders

o Dacryocystitis

Lid disorders

o Blepharitis
o Chalazion
o Ectropion
o Entropion
o Hordeolum

Neuro-ophthalmologic disorders

o Nystagmus
o Optic neuritis
o Papilledema

Orbital disorders

o Orbital cellulitis

Retinal disorders

o Macular degeneration
o Retinal detachment
o Retinopathy

Traumatic disorders

o Blowout fracture
o Corneal abrasion
o Globe rupture
o Hyphema

Vascular disorders

o Retinal vascular occlusion

Vision abnormalities

o Amaurosis fugax
o Amblyopia
o Glaucoma
o Scleritis
o Strabismus

Ear disorders

External ear

o Cerumen impaction
o Otitis externa
o Trauma

Inner ear

o Acoustic neuroma
o Barotrauma
o Dysfunction of eustachian tube
o Labyrinthitis
o Vertigo

Middle ear

o Cholesteatoma
o Otitis media
o Tympanic membrane perforation

Hearing impairment

Other abnormalities of the ear

o Mastoiditis
o Meniere disease
o Tinnitus

Foreign bodies

Neoplasms Benign and Malignant

Nose/sinus disorders

Nasal polyps

Oropharyngeal disorders

Diseases of the teeth/gums

Infectious/inflammatory disorders

o Aphthous ulcers
o Candidiasis
o Deep neck infection
o Epiglottitis
o Herpes simplex
o Laryngitis
o Peritonsillar abscess
o Pharyngitis

Salivary disorders

o Sialadenitis
o Parotitis


Other oropharyngeal disorders

o Leukoplakia


Eyes, Ears, Nose, and Throat Exam

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