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Traumatic disorders (PEARLS)

Blowout fracture (ReelDx) History of blunt trauma, muscle entrapment, eyelid swelling, gaze restriction, double vision, decreased visual acuity, enophthalmos (sunken eye).

  • Anesthesia/paresthesia in the gums, upper lips, and cheek due to damage to the infraorbital nerve

TX: Prompt ophthalmic referral. Treatment with surgery

Corneal abrasion (ReelDx) Sudden onset of eye pain, photophobia, tearing, foreign body sensation, blurring of vision, and/or conjunctival injection, fluorescein dye - increased absorption in devoid area

TX: Antibiotic eye ointment, no patching

Hyphema (ReelDx) Trauma causes blood in the anterior chamber of the eye (between the cornea and the iris). The blood may cover part or all of the iris (the colored part of the eye) and the pupil, and may partly or totally block vision in that eye

TX: Elevate head at night, acetaminophen for pain, patch/shield. Surgery if high pressure or persistent bleeding

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