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wdt_ID Diseases and Disorders Link Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 System
1 Abdominal aortic aneurysm l Cardiovascular
2 Acute myocardial infarction: non–ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (NSTEMI) l l Cardiovascular
3 Acute myocardial infarction: ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) l l Cardiovascular
4 Acute pericarditis l l Cardiovascular
5 Acute/subacute bacterial endocarditis l Cardiovascular
6 Angina pectoris (stable angina) l l l Cardiovascular
7 Aortic dissection l l Cardiovascular
8 Aortic stenosis l Cardiovascular
9 Arterial embolism/thrombosis l l Cardiovascular
10 Atrial fibrillation l l l Cardiovascular
11 Atrial flutter l l Cardiovascular
12 Atrioventricular block­ l Cardiovascular
13 Bundle branch block l Cardiovascular
14 Cardiac tamponade l l Cardiovascular
15 Cardiogenic shock l Cardiovascular
16 Coronary artery disease l l l Cardiovascular
17 Deep venous thrombosis l l l Cardiovascular
18 Diastolic heart failure l Cardiovascular
19 Dilated cardiomyopathy l Cardiovascular
20 Essential hypertension (in adults) l l l Cardiovascular
21 Hypercholesterolemia l l l Cardiovascular
22 Hypertensive emergency l l Cardiovascular
23 Hypertriglyceridemia l l l Cardiovascular
24 Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy l Cardiovascular
25 Iliac artery occlusion l Cardiovascular
26 Mitral regurgitation l Cardiovascular
27 Mitral valve prolapse l Cardiovascular
28 Orthostatic hypotension l l Cardiovascular
29 Paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia l l Cardiovascular
30 Pericardial effusion l Cardiovascular
31 Peripheral artery disease l l Cardiovascular
32 Phlebitis/thrombophlebitis l l Cardiovascular
33 Premature atrial/ventricular contractions l l Cardiovascular
34 Prinzmetal variant angina l Cardiovascular
35 Secondary hypertension l l Cardiovascular
36 Sick sinus syndrome l Cardiovascular
37 Systolic heart failure l l Cardiovascular
38 Temporal arteritis l l Cardiovascular
39 Thoracic aortic aneurysm l Cardiovascular
40 Torsades de pointes l l Cardiovascular
41 Unstable angina l l Cardiovascular
42 Varicose veins l l Cardiovascular
43 Venous insufficiency l l Cardiovascular
44 Ventricular fibrillation l l Cardiovascular
45 Ventricular tachycardia l l Cardiovascular
46 Acne vulgaris l l Dermatologic
47 Actinic keratosis l l Dermatologic
48 Drug eruptions l l Dermatologic
49 Acute urticaria l l Dermatologic
50 Atopic dermatitis l l Dermatologic
51 Basal cell carcinoma l Dermatologic
52 Burns l l Dermatologic
53 Erysipelas l l l Dermatologic
54 Cellulitis l l l Dermatologic
55 Contact dermatitis l l Dermatologic
56 Erythema multiforme l Dermatologic
57 Herpes simplex virus l l Dermatologic
58 Hidradenitis suppurativa l l Dermatologic
59 Impetigo l l Dermatologic
60 Lipomas/epidermal inclusion cysts l l Dermatologic
61 Melanoma l Dermatologic
62 Molluscum contagiosum l l Dermatologic
63 Onychomycosis l l Dermatologic
64 Dermatophyte Infections l l Dermatologic
65 Paronychia l l Dermatologic
66 Pilonidal disease l l Dermatologic
67 Pityriasis rosea l l Dermatologic
68 Pressure ulcers l l Dermatologic
69 Psoriasis l l Dermatologic
70 Rosacea l l Dermatologic
71 Scabies l l Dermatologic
72 Lice l l Dermatologic
73 Seborrheic dermatitis l l Dermatologic
74 Spider bites l l Dermatologic
75 Squamous cell carcinoma l Dermatologic
76 Toxic epidermal necrolysis l Dermatologic
77 Stevens-Johnson syndrome l Dermatologic
78 Benign thyroid nodules l Endocrine
79 Cushing syndrome l Endocrine
80 Diabetes insipidus l Endocrine
81 Hyperparathyroidism l Endocrine
82 Hyperthyroidism/thyrotoxicosis l l Endocrine
83 Hypoparathyroidism l Endocrine
84 Hypothyroidism l l l Endocrine
85 Metabolic syndrome and obesity l l l Endocrine
86 Osteoporosis l l l Endocrine
87 Primary adrenal insufficiency l Endocrine
88 Thyroid cancer l Endocrine
89 Thyroiditis l l Endocrine
90 Type 1 diabetes mellitus l l l Endocrine
91 Type 2 diabetes mellitus l l l Endocrine
92 Acute epiglottitis l l EENT
93 Acute pharyngitis l l l EENT
94 Acute/chronic otitis media l l l EENT
95 Acute/chronic sinusitis­ l l EENT
96 Allergic rhinitis l l EENT
97 Aphthous ulcers l l EENT
98 Blepharitis l l EENT
99 Cataract l EENT
100 Chalazion l l EENT
101 Conjunctivitis l l EENT
102 Corneal abrasion l l EENT
103 Corneal ulcer l EENT
104 Epistaxis l l EENT
105 Eustachian tube dysfunction l l EENT
106 Foreign body in ear l l EENT
107 Foreign body in eye l l EENT
108 Foreign body in nose l l EENT
109 Glaucoma l EENT
110 Hearing loss l EENT
111 Hordeolum l l EENT
112 Hyphema l EENT
113 Labyrinthitis l EENT
114 Laryngitis l l EENT
115 Mastoiditis l l EENT
116 Meniere disease l l EENT
117 Nystagmus l EENT
118 Oral candidiasis l l l EENT
119 Oral leukoplakia l EENT
120 Orbital blowout fracture l EENT
121 Orbital cellulitis l l EENT
122 Otitis externa l l EENT
123 Papilledema l EENT
124 Parotitis l EENT
125 Peritonsillar abscess l l EENT
126 Retinal detachment l EENT
127 Tinnitus l EENT
128 Tympanic membrane perforation l l EENT
129 Vertigo l l EENT
130 Acute hepatitis l Gastrointestinal
131 Acute/chronic cholecystitis l l Gastrointestinal
132 Acute/chronic pancreatitis l l Gastrointestinal
133 Anal abscess/fistula l Gastrointestinal
134 Anal fissure l l Gastrointestinal
135 Appendicitis l l l Gastrointestinal
136 Celiac disease l Gastrointestinal
137 Cholangitis l Gastrointestinal
138 Cholelithiasis l l Gastrointestinal
139 Chronic hepatitis l Gastrointestinal
140 Cirrhosis l Gastrointestinal
141 Colon cancer l Gastrointestinal
142 Constipation l l l Gastrointestinal
143 Diverticulitis/diverticulosis l l Gastrointestinal
144 Esophageal varices l Gastrointestinal
145 Esophagitis l l Gastrointestinal
146 Fecal impaction l l Gastrointestinal
147 Food allergies l l Gastrointestinal
148 Foreign body ingestion l l Gastrointestinal
149 Gastritis l l Gastrointestinal
150 Gastroesophageal reflux disease l l l Gastrointestinal
151 Hemorrhoids l l Gastrointestinal
152 Hernias l l Gastrointestinal
153 Infectious diarrhea l l Gastrointestinal
154 Inflammatory bowel disease l l Gastrointestinal
155 Ingestion of caustic substance l Gastrointestinal
156 Intentional overdose of medication l l Gastrointestinal
157 Intussusception l Gastrointestinal
158 Irritable bowel syndrome l l Gastrointestinal
159 Ischemic bowel disease l Gastrointestinal
160 Large-bowel obstruction l Gastrointestinal
161 Mallory-Weiss tear l Gastrointestinal
162 Noninfectious diarrhea l l Gastrointestinal
163 Peptic ulcer disease l l Gastrointestinal
164 Pyloric stenosis l Gastrointestinal
165 Small-bowel obstruction l l Gastrointestinal
166 Toxic megacolon l Gastrointestinal
167 Acute prostatitis l l Genitourinary
168 Bacterial cystitis l l Genitourinary
169 Benign prostatic hyperplasia l l Genitourinary
170 Bladder cancer l Genitourinary
171 Chronic prostatitis l l Genitourinary
172 Epididymitis l l Genitourinary
173 Erectile dysfunction l l Genitourinary
174 Fecal incontinence l Genitourinary
175 Hydrocele/varicocele l Genitourinary
176 Nephrolithiasis/urolithiasis l l Genitourinary
177 Orchitis l l Genitourinary
178 Paraphimosis/phimosis l Genitourinary
179 Prostate cancer l Genitourinary
180 Testicular cancer l Genitourinary
181 Testicular torsion l l Genitourinary
182 Urethritis l l Genitourinary
183 Urinary incontinence l l Genitourinary
184 Acute/chronic lymphocytic leukemia l Hematologic
185 Anemia of chronic disease l Hematologic
186 Factor V Leiden hypercoagulability l Hematologic
187 Folate deficiency anemia l l Hematologic
188 Hemolytic anemia l Hematologic
189 Hodgkin lymphoma l Hematologic
190 Hypocoagulable states l Hematologic
191 Iron deficiency anemia l l Hematologic
192 Non-Hodgkin lymphoma l Hematologic
193 Sickle cell anemia l Hematologic
194 Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura l Hematologic
195 Vitamin B12 deficiency anemia l l Hematologic
196 Acute rheumatic fever l l Infectious Diseases
197 Chickenpox/herpes zoster l l l Infectious Diseases
198 Chlamydial infections l l Infectious Diseases
199 Epstein-Barr virus infections l l Infectious Diseases
200 Gonococcal infections l l Infectious Diseases
201 HIV infection l Infectious Diseases
202 Human papillomavirus infections l l Infectious Diseases
203 Influenza l l l Infectious Diseases
204 Lyme disease l l Infectious Diseases
205 Measles l l Infectious Diseases
206 Mumps l l Infectious Diseases
207 Pinworm infestation l l Infectious Diseases
208 Rabies l Infectious Diseases
209 Rocky Mountain spotted fever l l Infectious Diseases
210 Roseola l l Infectious Diseases
211 Rubella l l Infectious Diseases
212 Syphilis l l Infectious Diseases
213 Tetanus l Infectious Diseases
214 Tuberculosis l l Infectious Diseases
215 Vaginal candidiasis l l Infectious Diseases
216 Acute/chronic osteomyelitis l Musculoskeletal
217 Avascular necrosis l Musculoskeletal
218 Back strain/sprain l l Musculoskeletal
219 Lower back injuries l l Musculoskeletal
220 Biceps tendinitis l l Musculoskeletal
221 Carpal tunnel syndrome l l Musculoskeletal
222 Cauda equina syndrome l Musculoskeletal
223 Compartment syndrome l Musculoskeletal
224 de Quervain tenosynovitis l l Musculoskeletal
225 Fibromyalgia l l Musculoskeletal
226 Fractures and dislocations of the knee/patella l Musculoskeletal
227 Fractures and dislocations of the ankle/foot l Musculoskeletal
228 Fractures and dislocations of the forearm/wrist/hand l Musculoskeletal
229 Fractures and dislocations of the shoulder l Musculoskeletal
230 Fractures and dislocations of the hip l Musculoskeletal
231 Fractures and dislocations of the spine l Musculoskeletal
232 Ganglion l l Musculoskeletal
233 Gout/pseudogout l l Musculoskeletal
234 Kyphosis l Musculoskeletal
235 Lateral and medial epicondylitis l l Musculoskeletal
236 Osgood-Schlatter disease l l Musculoskeletal
237 Osteoarthritis l l Musculoskeletal
238 Rheumatoid arthritis l l Musculoskeletal
239 Rotator cuff tear l Musculoskeletal
240 Scoliosis l Musculoskeletal
241 Septic arthritis l l Musculoskeletal
242 Shoulder bursitis l l Musculoskeletal
243 Shoulder tendinitis l l Musculoskeletal
244 Slipped capital femoral epiphysis l Musculoskeletal
245 Soft-tissue injuries of the knee l l Musculoskeletal
246 Soft-tissue injuries of the foot/ankle l l Musculoskeletal
247 Soft-tissue injuries of the forearm/wrist/hand l l Musculoskeletal
248 Spinal disk herniation l Musculoskeletal
249 Spinal stenosis l l Musculoskeletal
250 Systemic lupus erythematosus l Musculoskeletal
251 Cerebral aneurysm l Neurologic
252 Cluster headache l l Neurologic
253 Concussion l l Neurologic
254 Delirium l Neurologic
255 Encephalitis l Neurologic
256 Essential tremor l l Neurologic
257 Guillain-Barré syndrome l Neurologic
258 Major neurocognitive disorder/dementia l Neurologic
259 Meningitis l l Neurologic
260 Migraine l l l Neurologic
261 Multiple sclerosis l Neurologic
262 Parkinson disease l Neurologic
263 Peripheral neuropathy l l Neurologic
264 Postconcussion syndrome l l Neurologic
265 Radiculopathy l l Neurologic
266 Seizure disorders l Neurologic
267 Spontaneous intracranial hemorrhage l Neurologic
268 Status epilepticus l l Neurologic
269 Stroke l l l Neurologic
270 Transient ischemic attack l l l Neurologic
271 Syncope l l Neurologic
272 Tension headache l l l Neurologic
273 Traumatic intracranial hemorrhage l Neurologic
274 Anorexia nervosa, Bulimia nervosa l Psychiatry
275 Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder l Psychiatry
276 Bereavement/grief reaction l l Psychiatry
277 Bipolar disorder l Psychiatry
278 Child/elder abuse, Spouse/partner abuse l Psychiatry
279 Generalized anxiety disorder l l Psychiatry
280 Major depressive disorder l l Psychiatry
281 Non–substance-related addictive disorders l Psychiatry
282 Panic disorder l l Psychiatry
283 Post-traumatic stress disorder l Psychiatry
284 Substance use disorders: illicit substances, prescription drugs, alcohol, tobacco l Psychiatry
285 Suicide risk l l Psychiatry
286 Acute bronchiolitis l l Pulmonary
287 Acute bronchitis l l Pulmonary
288 Acute respiratory distress syndrome l l Pulmonary
289 Asthma l l l Pulmonary
290 Bacterial pneumonia l l l Pulmonary
291 Chronic bronchitis l l l Pulmonary
292 Croup l l Pulmonary
293 Emphysema l l l Pulmonary
294 Foreign body aspiration l l Pulmonary
295 Lung cancer l Pulmonary
296 Pertussis l l Pulmonary
297 Pleural effusion l l Pulmonary
298 Pneumothorax l l Pulmonary
299 Pulmonary embolism l l l Pulmonary
300 Pulmonary nodules l Pulmonary
301 Respiratory syncytial virus infection l l Pulmonary
302 Sleep apnea l l Pulmonary
303 Viral pneumonia l l l Pulmonary
304 Acid-base disorders l Renal
305 Acute kidney injury (acute renal failure) l Renal
306 Chronic kidney disease l l Renal
307 Electrolyte disorders l l Renal
308 Pyelonephritis l l Renal
309 Abruptio placentae l Reproductive
310 Amenorrhea l Reproductive
311 Breast abscess l l Reproductive
312 Breast cancer l Reproductive
313 Cervical cancer l Reproductive
314 Cervicitis l l Reproductive
315 Contraception l l Reproductive
316 Dysfunctional uterine bleeding l Reproductive
317 Dysmenorrhea l l Reproductive
318 Ectopic pregnancy l l Reproductive
319 Endometriosis l Reproductive
320 Gestational diabetes l Reproductive
321 Hypertension disorders in pregnancy l Reproductive
322 Mastitis l l Reproductive
323 Menopause l l Reproductive
324 Ovarian cysts l Reproductive
325 Pelvic inflammatory disease l l Reproductive
326 Placenta previa l Reproductive
327 Postpartum hemorrhage l Reproductive
328 Premature rupture of membranes l Reproductive
329 Premenstrual syndrome l l Reproductive
330 Prenatal diagnosis and care/preconception counseling l Reproductive
331 Rh incompatibility l Reproductive
332 Sexual abuse in pregnancy l Reproductive
333 Physical abuse in pregnancy l Reproductive
334 Vaginitis l l Reproductive
Diseases and Disorders Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 System

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